Welcome to North 48 Restaurant. We specialize in "Modern Diner" cuisine; the celebration & elevation of classic dishes & menu items from around the world. We take time-honoured favourites from North American Diners, Belgian Bistros, Japanese Izakayas (& everywhere in between), incorporate modern techniques & premium ingredients to elevate them into approachable, modern cuisine. Everything on our menu is made in house. We make our product choices as local, seasonal & sustainable as possible. You will experience many familiar flavours & dishes prepared & presented in new & exciting ways. We hope you enjoy revisiting some old childhood favourites, all grown up.

Tuesday - Thursday
11:30am - 10pm

Friday & Saturday

11:30am - 11pm


5pm - 10pm


Real food, real people, real good

Welcome to North 48 Restaurant

Our French Onion Soup in a Jar