Tips to Shop Wisely for Online Shopping Addicts

Shopping is addictive, yes it is! Whether you are bagging goods from the local market or stuffing your online cart with products, shopping as an activity needs to be controlled for most of us. With the rise in hedonistic consumerism, the accessibility to shopping websites from electronic devices and the availability of easy plastic money in our wallets spending cautiously needs to be taught.

The two crucial methods to adopt to shop ‘smart’ after adding the goods to your cart are the pricing method and negotiation methods. Explaining these two approaches here are some time-tested easy and doable tips for you to save some moolah while shopping online.

The Pricing Method

The first thing that we need to consider when we shop online is the price of a product that we desire to buy. A lot of folks don’t know this but prices of the product you are eyeing can change multiple times for a number of reasons, namely,

  • The device you are viewing the websites from; for instance if it is a Mac device the online algorithm will show higher prices, assuming you to fall in the higher income group.
  • Your search history also matters. If the urgency to purchase is detected through multiple searches of the same product through your search engine then you might see higher prices at the point in time.

Tip: The best way to be smarter than the website’s algorithm is to check prices across multiple platforms. And for this do not visit multiple individual websites to check the prices of the same product. All you need to do is to visit sitepricechecker. Check the price of the same product across multiple sites from one single website, including the shipping costs which could be waived off by certain websites not known to you. (Good websites to compare prices are sitepricechecker and pricegrabber)


The Negotiation Method

Do you bargain in the market? Yes, we all bargain, in fact each shopper is looking for a good deal. Negotiation is the key to a good shopping deal. Most of us think that price haggling is not possible online but the truth is it is!

  • If you fill your cart and do not checkout immediately then most websites have an algorithm for better pricing and negotiation on their websites for pending checkouts. And boom! Before you know, you might have an email with an additional discount code or coupon code in your email or on your phone.
  • If a buyer is a regular customer the website might recognize this and offer better deals, secret saving codes and even previews of sales to you.

Tip: Next time you visit an online shopping website, hold your guns and do not checkout immediately. There are chances that despite the heavy discount you are already getting on your existing cart you might be given additional discounts through special coupon codes to encourage you to check out and finalize your cart for purchase.

At the end of the day the websites want your clicks to convert into sales for them and you want your desired cart items to turn into deal worthy purchases for yourself. Try these tips to save money on your impulsive purchases the next time you shop online.

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