Your new go-to hot sauce. Made from fresh Jalapeno Peppers, Garlic & Onions.

Heat Level 2

Jalapeno Sriracha

Our Hottest Sauce!!! Made from fresh Habanero Chilies, Oranges and a touch of Pineapple.

Heat Level 3

habanero orange

Sweet & Fruity Hot Sauce made from fresh Serrano Chilies & Mangos.

Heat Level 2

Mango serrano

Classic Buffalo style sauce. Made from Fresno and Thai Chilies.

Heat Level 1

Sammy's red hot

Batch 48 Hot Sauces are created, produced and bottled all within North 48 Restaurant. We have designed our hot sauces not to blow your head off, but to complement whatever you decide to put them on. They are all available for sale and at your table at North 48.

Hot sauces made to eat