Sushi Restaurants New York – Discover the Best New York Sushi Restaurants

“Nestled at the center of the financial district” ZEN RAMEN & Sushi invites you for the ultimate in culinary adventures. This small shop offers you world-class sushi, nigiri, sashimi and more. You will be delighted by the presentation of each dish. At ZEN RAMEN & Sushi you will receive a special complimentary dumpling recipe when you make your first visit. No trays are required and you can order from any of their exciting seafood varieties as well as other wonderful items.

In addition to sushi there are many other amazing treats on offer at this restaurant. Of course you can enjoy the sushi bar, which is available every day for lunch and dinner. There are also special pre-made hot wings and burgers available. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very pleasant, calm, and relaxing. The staff speak English and can sometimes be difficult to understand, but this does not matter, since everything is in English.

There is live entertainment every night, which include a karaoke and disc jockey, music from some of the region’s finest recording artists, a fire, live performances by the bands, and many other surprises. You can even request a vegetarian menu, if you are vegetarian or vegan. Your food will be absolutely delicious, and you can take it home to enjoy with your family and friends. When you dine at this restaurant you can expect the best quality food and service, and the prices are reasonable, especially considering the quality and presentation of each dish.

The sushi dishes are all prepared fresh, and the chefs work hard to ensure that every bite is delicious. Every ingredient used is fresh, as well. As a result, the food is always prepared to perfection. Their specialties include California Roll, which are their specialty, and include a tasty mixture of short grained vegetables, Nori seaweed, and more. The California roll is filled with crab, avocado, cucumber, ginger, wasabi, and spicy Mayo.

Besides the wonderful selections of sushi, the California Roll also serves a variety of other great salsas, such as creamy avocado, roasted garlic mushrooms, and spicy mango. The Ramen is a vegetarian sushi that is made from soy beans, tofu, and different herbs and spices. It is topped with wasabi and served with miso soup. Another dish worth trying is the Temaki, which is Japanese vegetable. The filling is made of wheat flour, egg, and vegetables, and is served with spicy, sweetened white fish for a great change of pace from the sushi and chicken dishes at the restaurant. You can also order other vegetarian sushi like the Miso Gom-Chi, which is a traditional type of green onion omelet, and is also tasty and filling.

Most of the sushi restaurants in New York City are located on a one-level floor, and thus, do not have a basement or some other type of hidden area for people to hide. They are very modern, and the decor shows this, as most have wood decorations, marble countertops, and large windows that show the beautiful New York skyline. If you are eating at a New York sushi restaurant, you can rest assured that you are dining in a high-quality establishment, and that the quality of the food will amaze you.

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