Christmas Glassware

Whether you are looking for Christmas Glassware that is classic and elegant or casual, there are many choices today.    From brilliant crystal wine glasses, radiant champagne flutes, collectible or vintage glassware, to etched glassware, you will have fun deciding which pattern to select.

One of the most common types of Christmas glassware bought for the holidays are wine glasses.  Since there are so many different types and styles of Christmas glassware that can purchase today, take your time to decide.   Just plan ahead so you know exactly what you will be needing.  And, don’t forget the children who might be attending the party, they will need Christmas glassware that is appropriate for them.

A festive way to add some cheer to your holiday table is to add some colorful tinted glassware.  You can get a whole new look by adding tinted glassware.   If you have plain white china tableware, adding Christmas glassware that is tinted with color, will make your holiday table very attractive.

Try adding red or green glassware for that extra sparkle.   By adding colorful glassware to your Christmas Tableware Sets, you create a warm ambiance for not only the table but also the dining area.  The interaction between the colors and light, especially candlelight, creates a wonderful glow.  Everyone loves dinner by candlelight not just romantics.

Some of the different types of Glassware:

  • Aperitif
  • Beer
  • Brandy Snifter
  • Champagne Flute
  • Cocktail
  • Double Old Fashion/Old Fashion
  • Highball Beverage
  • Hurricane
  • Margarita/Coupette
  • Parfait
  • Pousse Cafe
  • Red Wine
  • Sherry
  • Shot
  • Water Goblet
  • White Wine
  • Whiskey sour

If you enjoy serving punch or eggnog, a pretty holiday punch bowl with matching glasses would look nice at any party.   If you buy hand-painted glassware, do not put them in the dishwasher; they must be washed by hand.

Suggestions for setting the table:

  • Tableware (dinner plate) should be approximately one inch from the edge of the table.
  • Flatware is placed in the order that it will be used, starting from the outside.
  • Knives should be placed with the cutting edge facing the plate.
  • Seafood/cocktail fork may be placed on the cocktail plate or to the right of the soup spoon.
  • Glassware is placed starting from right to left, white wine, red wine, and water goblet.
  • Champagne flutes should be placed behind red wine and white wine glasses.

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