Instagram Tricks

Instagram is an application for android, iPhone, i Pad, iPod touch that will allow you to upload photos and share with others in the Instagram community or across other social networks.

Today we will try to show many solution and help you to learn How to get more Instagram followers ?

You look at several pages and check what the popular users do post on their instagram and use these shots as motivation and inspiration. These is found under the popular tab. By the use of this trick, many followers are going to be interested in following you without necessarily following them.

Be active in commenting on the photos in these popular pages. When someone on Instagram blocks you, you cannot view their Instagram stories and other content posted, in that case use Instagram viewer tool from go ahead and randomly like photos of some of these people. You can also start a shout out account of your own and request people to follow your own real account so as to get shout out. A good trick here is to post good photos but not too many of them at a time and maintain an active nature with others.

You can put your username as the name of a popular product like i Pad or iPhone or any other product and in your bio post something of sort like “the first 1000 followers will get one if they will give shout out and follow” don’t forget to post the photo of the product or products and when you get the number of followers that you wanted, you can change your user name to your normal name, all your followers will find it unnecessary to stop following you. It does work I did try it and now am having over 7000+ followers.

How To Get More Followers On Instagram – Free Instagram Followers from Martin Lopez on Vimeo.

Another way is to ask people who you know and they have instagram account to follow you. This will work out since they are your friends and relatives and it’s difficult for them to let you down.

You can also find a person who doesn’t have many followers and like his/ her photos and he/ she will follow you. This usually create curiosity in that person to know that there is a person who is appreciating him/ her or his/ her work and is going to follow you.

Use a funny name. People like fun and when they see something that will create fun they will want to be involved so as to share that fun. Therefore ensure that you are also posting some funny pictures to even get more followers.

Make a funny biography, people will like to know more about this person with funny bio and the best way for them to know is by following you.

Post very attractive photos with perfect lighting and let them be accompanied by some hash-tags from 5 to 25 hash-tags.

Search for hash-tags and users for your favorite and interesting photos. Like football? Look for your favorite player.

You can also get followers those with similar interest as yours. If you are a rider you can look for riders, if you are a dancer you can look for dancers and so on.

Make sure you follow your favorite in case where you are posting photos that followers find valuable. They will follow you and ask other to do the same.

All the best as you try these few tricks.

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