One Bernam Condo

One Bernam condo is located in an upcoming residential development in Singapore called Tanjong Pagar. It is one of the premier condominium projects in Singapore with a one-storey loft and two-storey units. This project is managed by developer Merlion Group and under the leadership of Tanjong Pagar Limited. One Bernam Floor Plan is one of several condos and townhouses being marketed to first-time buyers who are interested in investing in high-end properties in Singapore.

The One Bernam Floor Plan is one of the lofts that are available under the One Bernam Condo at Tanjong Pagar development. The one-story building has a rooftop pool area and a one-bedroom unit that come with two guest bedrooms. A one-bedroom unit in One Bernam at Tanjong Pagar has one-cell electricity and a one-car garage. The unit also has two double sinks, one refrigerator, one dishwasher and one microwave oven with one wall cabinet. One can have a stovetop and grill with a butcher block counter and a stove above. The garage comes with a ladder to one-level and the laundry sink is up on a one-levels loft level.

One other unit in One Bernam at Tanjong Pagar is a one bedroom lofts unit that comes with a single-story terrace. It is a two-bedroom unit that also comes with a double-door wardrobe, a steam room, a sauna and a wet bar. The unit also comes with a small terrace and a terrace balcony. One can have a deck or BBQ area here.

There are several other units in One Bernam at Tanjong Pagar that come with the same two-story layout as the lofts but with a one-car garage and one-bedroom. One such townhouse has a one-car garage, a washer/dryer, a mini-fridge, a hairdryer and a desk. One can have an extension to this one-bedroom condo. One can choose from a variety of colors, including black and white, red and black, and red and silver.

One other townhouse in One Bernam at Tanjong Pagar is a three-bedroom condominium. It has a single-story living space with a penthouse attached to it. One can choose from one bedroom, one-bedroom and two-bedroom condominiums here. One can also opt for a one-car garage as well. This three-bedroom townhouse has an interior finish of hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances.

Many of these townhouses come with their own private backyards, which make them ideal for people who want to relax or enjoy the greenery surrounding the area. Most come with a security code so that one can have extra protection. One can opt for a private parking space here. One can check out online pictures of the available condos here. One can look at various floor plans of one of these townhouses and find one that perfectly suits his or her needs and requirements.

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