Personalize Any Card

Have you ever thought of wooing your fiancée with a credit card? You’ll now give me a look of disdain while thinking, ‘well, who hasn’t? What are your talking about? What else is new?’ Now, that’s the whole point I was coming to. Good that you’ve chosen to drag me down that road. Well, it’s not the card that I was talking about, it’s the card covers, customised in accordance with your preferences. And that sounds new, now doesn’t it?

Trust me, this could sweep your girlfriend off her feet or impress your boss so much that whatever you think stands between you and the promotion will start disappearing like dodos, only if you make an extra effort to stick the right visual onto the cover of the card. Now, taking it to another level, a smart, ambitious guy could use this as a tool for business promotion. A little unusual? So what? It might work like a charm on your new client.

We’ve had credit cards ever since we knew we could afford them, or our parents could (poor souls!). It’s true we’ve always loved our credit card, as long as we knew it still had some balance, but we’ve never been emotionally attached to it. Personalised cards give you a reason to feel connected to your card and go around town brandishing about it.

Not only does it have a strong subliminal appeal that satisfies your ego but also gives you a vent to that dark, cryptic desire of getting even with a bank issuing a credit card, that we’ve always nurtured since the beginning of time. At least, finally, on this one occasion, you can make them follow your instructions!

We have our credit cards but they belong more to banks than us, come to think of it. You have to maintain balance; you have to pay off the debt yet you have no role to determine how it should look like. Well, sometimes, I feel that maintaining a credit card is like taking care of someone else’s baby. While I swipe my card, I expect to see a happy image on the card, looking back at me offering some comfort. Won’t it be nice to have an image of your choice pasted on the back of your card, looking you in the eye, giving you the comfort, the reassurance that you look for, especially when you pay bills.

Well, that’s what personalising a card is all about. Banks all over the world have become conscious about it and are personalising the credit cards of their clients. All you have to do is fill out and send an application form along with the design of your choice to the bank. Your bank will give you a credit card with the design of your choice printed on the back of it. In some cases, applications get rejected when designs selected fail to comply with their image guidelines.

While selecting designs, you need to be careful and make sure the image you select should not contain your personal information or someone else’s, other items of sensitive information, advertising materials, anything that might hurt sentiments of others or others’ lives in danger, sexual or seditious material etc. Also, make sure your design doesn’t cover all important information like CVV or your card number, in which case, retailers may reject your card.

ANZ, Standard Chartered, City Banks etc. have started offering this service to their customers. Having a credit card is not worth writing home about but owning a card that flaunts an image close to one’s heart says a lot about the personality of that individual and the way he values things in his life. Also, from that individual’s perspective, it is freedom of expression in a unique way that allows both the provider and receiver of this particular service to bond on a subliminal level that stays strong and lasts long. And a customer feels like “well, finally, my card has become mine.”

At least, now paying bills is not the only reason why people will fish out their credit cards of their pockets.

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