Concrete Cutting – Adding a wall of precast concrete for your home

The installation of a precast concrete staircase to the basement of your house is actually quite easy for a project to make peak-it-yourself or someone who can coordinate a pair of sub-contractors. This will add a watertight grip the cellar, which in many cases, you must comply with local building codes during a restructuring. In any case, this new entry to add additional functionality to your house and the cellar.


First, it is probably a good idea to explain what precast concrete is. precast concrete is simply concrete that has been mixed, formed, and vibrated in a controlled environment as a “plant” and then delivered by truck to its destination and installed. Despite the fact that some precast concrete products are much thinner than conventional “poured in place” applications do not mean that precast concrete products are of quality and, on the contrary, they are generally much more durable.


To orchestrate this project, you will need a hole, cut a door in your foundation and precast concrete bulkheads actually delivered and installed. Your first step is to locate a precast concrete product dealer. The precast concrete dealer can be located in the local directory, or better yet, online yellow pages. Once you find a reputable dealer, you must visit the pre-cast manufacturers showroom, which usually consists of a field of giant stairs, walls and drains. You must select a size and style that suits your project. A standard precast bulkhead typically cost less than $ 1,000, which includes the steel bulkhead cover and installation.


Once you choose the right product to ask for a worksheet or specification that is included with the product. This “sheet” will tell you how to dig a lot to do and what the size of the door needs cutting down to the concrete foundation. The excavation can be done using different methods. You can dig by hand with pick and shovel (not recommended) you can rent a small excavator (cost about $ 300) from a tool rental outfit and use the machine for excavation or you can call a professional excavation contractor and dig them for you (cost between $ 300 and $ 500). I highly recommend hiring a professional excavator to this part of the project. This process will require less professional than a couple of hours and can be purchased at the lowest possible price.


Note: Remember to inform your fields “DIG SAFE” program and get them out and find all the hidden underground utilities before starting your excavation. Also, keep in mind that your excavator will remove and dispose of about 50% of the dirt that withdraws from the hole because the bulkhead will be installed on a lot of volume of space. If this is not possible, you may be able to use this dirt somewhere on your property or you may be able to give one of your neighbors. In any case, you must fill out the dirt and sought after commodity. Hence the old saying: Phil Dirt … the most wanted man in America.


Once the hole for your bulkhead has been successfully dug and the foundation that must be cut is exposed, it is necessary to cancel the arrangement of the cutting lines with a meter, a bright yellow wooden pencil and a level of 4 ‘, as indicated in the datasheet. Now it’s time to call a concrete cutting professional and know its availability and the price (cost is usually $ 425 + / – to cut and release the song). They charge piece pneumatic hammer is about $ 100 more into manageable pieces and $ 500 to remove the piece from the site. To avoid the rupture of a disposal fees, just your excavation contractor dig a “grave” for the concrete at the bottom of your excavation. In this way, but simply bury and save money, time, money and effort.


Explain to the cutting of concrete you need a standard port for a partition. Ask them how much they charge and when you can plan your work. Ask them to an appointment in the morning. You will need to coordinate concrete cutting and installation of partition so that when the blade is made of concrete bulkhead is immediately installed. So now you can schedule delivery and installation of partitioning about 12 hours. Most manufacturers of precast concrete will install for you at no additional cost or included in the price.

I recommend you call each of the subcontractors one day before their arrival just to verify that there are no scheduling conflicts. This will reduce the amount of problems that occur and give you time to reschedule each subcontractor if one of them deals with a problem.

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