The Most Essential Aspect of Cleaning Your Piano

Piano cleaning is something that you should engage in frequently if you own one in your home. Most people don’t really know how pianos work though, and this often leads to them thinking the casing of the instrument is what needs to be cleaned most often. This is important in its own way, but it does not even scratch the surface of the level of cleaning that most pianos would end up requiring if you want them to feel good while you are playing by pressing down on the keys.

If you want to know the most important part of your piano that you should clean, the answer is actually quite simple to the point where it might even be considered rather obvious all in all. It’s the keys of the piano that need to be cleaned most often, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that your fingers are generally not as clean as you would think. Dust and oil and grime can accumulate on the keys, and what would be truly dangerous is if this dirt starts to slide into the crevices between the keys.

 At this point in time you would no longer be able to press down on the keys softly and have them give you a response. The key to taking care of a piano is making sure that you can always play it the way you want to, and giving the keys a good cleaning about once a week is going to be more than enough if you play once a day, and if you play less than that then once a month cleaning can also work.

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