WhatsApp Business App – New Marketing Medium

First let’s understand what is WhatsApp Business App. The first thing you need to learn about what WhatsApp Marketing is, how it works and what its strengths are. WhatsApp is the most used app to chat in 109 countries which is 60% of the world. Over 50 billion messages are sent via WhatsApp on a daily basis. Like every other Social Media Channel, WhatsApp has become a top-ranked messaging App. It is currently the best messaging app in the world which is why businesses need to run WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns. The reason businesses need to include WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategies is because of the great number of their users are already using it. Around 67% of mobile users like to chat regarding businesses and over 53% of the users say that they prefer shopping with a company where they have a direct messaging platform.

WhatsApp is the best resort to target young prospects because a total of 42% of Smartphone users are between the ages of 18 and 29 years. Whereas the other 19% are people over the age of 50. WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns gives great engagement rates, around 95% of mobile messages are opened and read and almost 90% of WhatsApp messages are read within three seconds of being received. Since WhatsApp is a free app, there are a few limitations that come along with it. For example, WhatsApp doesn’t support ads. This means that brands will have to be more creative in the way they approach their customers. WhatsApp’s group chat limitations also make it a poor choice for large scale campaigns, as you’re limited to 256 people at a time. With 65% engagement daily, every marketer needs to learn the best WhatsApp marketing strategies that can help you increase your user base and sales.

Following are some tips on how to do WhatsApp Marketing:

Real-time customer chat:

Through WhatsApp, you’ll be able to offer quick and easy customer service in no time. With features such as text, groups, voice calls and video calls, customer service is easier. This not only benefits your customer service but also lets you provide direct and personalized treatment to your users.

Fully Utilize the Features:

The platform even has a status/story feature, which allows you to put up pictures or videos as status/story that disappears after 24 hours which will be helpful since it could be used to be less aggressive in marketing.


WhatsApp even introduces the feature of location which allows you to send either a location of where you are and a live location if you’re travelling. The location feature can be very helpful for the customers who are not able to locate your business. The user will also be able to open it on their phones in Google Maps.


WhatsApp also enabled a payment feature, which allows you to transfer money through the use of UPIs.

WhatsApp too needs a brand personality

WhatsApp is a personal and intimate messaging social media marketing platform where people talk to friends, relatives and colleagues.  Any product or brand that seeks to get invited into your WhatsApp phone list needs to impress like a friend. So, the first step is to make an engaging brand personality or character that represents your valuable brand with its WhatsApp number. Individual’s don’t like to chat with impersonal organization representatives. The individual in charge of your WhatsApp channel can have an identity! The brand can have a WhatsApp number managed by its consumer service managers who are possible at all times to engage with customers. It’s easier for people who are busy to engage with this personality on WhatsApp, alternate images of products they are excited for, asking questions and even agreeing on payment and delivery terms.

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